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What is pcd pharma

pcd pharma

PCD pharma means Propoganda cum Distribution. There are lot of Pharma companies involved in Pcd as their marketing strategy. We Auzalus Lifesciences is a Chandigarh based pharmaceutical company who is into marketing of wide range of Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical products all over india. Our range of products include Softgels Tablets Capsules Injections Syrups Dry Syrups Sachets Dry Injections […]

propaganda pharmaceutical companies

propaganda pharmaceutical companies

Propaganda pharmaceutical companies are also knowns as pcd or pharma franchise companies.  The Propaganda Distributors promote a company Medicines and handle the complete sales in a particular zone. One can get PCD as a monopoly rights to sell a particular Brand in pre defined area district or state wise. For more information visit : www.pharmafranchiseoworld.com


vitamin c serum benefits

VITAMIN C SERUM BENEFITS FOR SKIN HEALTH & GLOW Vitamin C is a naturally occurring with multiple desirable effects. With an excellent safety profile, Vit. C serum it can be used in photoageing, hyperpigmentation, tissue inflammation and tissue healing. The mechanisms by which Vit. C is beneficial for skin health includes: ANTIOXIDANT Vitamin C protects […]

What is Pharma franchise

pharma franchise

Pharma franchise means providing pharma products for selling along with marketing and selling support. These companies provide multi-dimensional range of pharmaceutical products that includes Tablets, capsules, syrup , sachets, soft gels etc in all the therapeutic sections. Pharma franchise companies also provide Promotional Inputs like Working Bag, Visual Aid, Product Cards, and Leave Behinds etc. […]

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