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Pharma PCD

monoploy business partner

Pharma pcd means pharma propaganda cum distributor. Pharma pcd offers Monopoly rights to individuals or group of experienced pharma professionals. Monopoly is a privilege granted by an authority to a person or entity to exclude all others from using, producing or selling a particular invention, product or service. When a Pharma Franchise or pcd takes distribution rights of a pharma franchise company , they offer monopoly rights to handle the distribution of their pharma products in his designated area(s).
No other franchise of that Pharma Company is allowed to do business in that particular area. If any other franchisee of that pharma company tries to sell same brands, the company is supposed to take suitable actions on the defaulting franchise including discontinuation of its agreement with that person. So with this assurance franchisee faces no competition from the same brand in that particular area.

With the help of Monopoly Rights, the franchise can expand his business significantly, able to build a loyal base of customers. The Pharma Company and the person get the benefit of loyalty generated in this way. No third person can take away the customer equity created in that area.
By being our franchise or pharma pcd, you will have to market the products in your territory, and for the same, you shall avail the following:

  • Updated product portfolio with wide therapeutic coverage.
  • Competitive pricing of products.
  • Products Free from Excise Duty.
  • Visual Aid, Working Bag, Product Cards/ Brochures, Reminder Cards, Catch Covers, Writing Pads, Dairies, Small Gift Articles, Visiting Cards provided.
  • Free Monthly Gift Schemes and Innovative Product Promotion Schemes.
  • Exclusive Marketing Rights on monopoly system for allotted area.
  • Maximum support from the Company as and when required.
  • Customization of Prices as required for bulk purchases.

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