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According to the pre-clinical publication in Molecular Vision, discussed by Lycored, Within the paper, scientists dug out the fact that there is very potent synergism between LycoInvision found in, Nutrient Complex for Vision Health of Lycored.

The successful results of pre-clinical ex vivo study which was designed to assess the effect of Lycoinvision on the immune cells in patients with Age-related Macular Degeneration made Lycored to continue the research.

The research carried out by scientists at Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center in Israel funded by Lycored focuses on adding phytonutrients, i.e., the combination of Tomato and Rosemary to AREDS composition is shown to have better balanced the cellular responses and modulate biomarkers and processes which affect the eye-health.

Dr. Karin Hermoni, Head of science & Nutrition team at Lycored said that "The role played by lycopene in eye health has been a mystery, as lycopene is not accumulated in the eyes. Moreover, this study allowed us to reveal the synergistic role played by it in the vision protection," he also said that the "Research suggested that Lycopene sacrifices itself for lutein by protecting it from oxidation and allowing lutein to be effectively transported to the eye."

This study emphasized that although the lycopene does not directly contribute to macular pigmentation (like lutein does), it works in tandem with the other nutrients to help create the most potent combination of eye-protecting nutrients.

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