Anti-diabetic products for PCD Pharma Franchise

Anti-diabetic products for PCD Pharma Franchise
by new_pharma

Today, around half a billion people around the world are living with diabetes, and these figures expected to rise by 25% in 2030. Out of all type of diabetes, about 90% of diabetic patients are known to suffered from type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).

Asia is turned out to be a major region with promptly emerging T2DM cases, with China and India as the top two epicenters. This has deeply affected the whole global pharmaceutical market and pcd pharma franchise.

Let’s take a brief look on diabetes status in India and associated opportunities in the anti-diabetic pharmaceutical market:

  1. What is diabetes?
  2. Status of diabetes in India
  3. Benefit to start a business in the diabetic drug market
  4. Why choose the pharma franchise world?
  5. Pharma franchise world’ anti-diabetic range

What is diabetes mellitus?

Diabetes mellitus is a condition of raised blood sugar levels that occur due to the cluster of metabolic disorders.

According to WHO, diabetes occurs when the pancreas doesn’t produce proper insulin (a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels), or when the body is unable to utilize insulin the body produces.

Type 1 diabetes is marked by insufficiency or absence of insulin, and Type 2 diabetes is marked by insufficient use of insulin. Over time, uncontrolled diabetes can lead to various health implications associated with eyes, kidneys, blood vessels, heart, and nerves.

Status of diabetes in India

Diabetes is one of the major health concerns in India. People in India get diabetes at an average 10 years sooner than Western counterparts. There are about 61.3 million people from age 20 to 79 found to have diabetes and this number is foreseen to increased to 101.2 million by 2030.
It influences both rural and urban population, however, the impact on people living in urban areas are higher. The most alarming part is the shift in the age of onset of this disease towards a younger age.

Benefit to start a business in the diabetic drug market

This disturbing situation of diabetes in the Indian population has profoundly enhanced the demand for anti-diabetic medicines and associated healthcare products in India. The anti-diabetic section is the second fastest-growing therapeutic segment after oncology.

Indian pharmaceutical industry is witnessing 15% growth in insulin segment and 25% growth in overall anti-diabetic medications segment.

Furthermore, the growing investments in the development of anti-diabetic products and favorable reimbursement policies enhance the growth diabetic drug market.

This creates many lucrative opportunities in this business. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that start a business in the diabetic drug market is a productive thought.

To set up a new start-up in the anti-diabetic market, pcd pharma franchise can help you to get better growth opportunities and hold on consumers. The pharma franchise world, a renowned pcd pharma franchise company provides the best opportunity for those who want to start their own business in pharmaceuticals.

Why choose the pharma franchise world?

Pharma franchise world is an eminent name in the world of the pharmaceutical franchise business. The company involved marketing of more than GMP certified 200 high-quality pharmaceutical products. Based on quality services, well-qualified team members, modern and advanced technologies, the company is on wheels of expanding its business all over India.

For the anti-diabetic pharma franchise, we invite all the leading and fresh professionals, who want to try their hands in this sector. We are very competent to provide the best assistance to flourish and set-up your business.

# We offer the best monopoly rights with the most competitive rates.
# We provide a high-quality guarantee with a range of anti-diabetic products.
# Our products are highly effective and meet all the guidelines.
# We believe in transparent and ethical business.
# The timely and well-packed delivery of products is our first priority.
# We provide 100% marketing support, including prescription pads, order books, visiting cards, visual aids, brochures, writing pads, and product glossary.
# We keep updating all our franchise partners regarding products.
# We provide an Order Execution Turnaround within 24 hours.
# We provide Incentives for meeting annual targets.

With all these services and support, the Pharma franchise world has trustworthy clients all over the world. We are pleased to offer a healthy business habitat for our clients and open doors for new professionals to set-up their business in the Indian pharmaceutical market. To know more about pcd pharma franchise, click here.

Pharma franchise world’ anti-diabetic range

You can commence your own venture. Pharma franchise world offers various anti-diabetic medications to tackle the problems like high blood sugar levels, hepatic gluconeogenesis and reduced intestinal glucose absorption. These anti-diabetic products are formulated with world-class advanced technology and with unabridged quality control. We offer:

  1. Glimepiride tablets
  2. Glimepiride and metformin hydrochloride tablets
  3. Methylcobalamin, l methylfolate calcium & pyridoxal 5 phosphate capsules

So, start your business journey in the world of pharma franchise business with these best quality anti-diabetic products and give your business an excellent perk and success.

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