What is PCD Pharma Franchise Business? Know PCD Full Form

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PCD pharma franchise is the unbeaten way to establish a successful business in the pharmaceutical market. This is why many people look forward to investing in this business & explore its basics and advancements deeply. PCD term is one of them.

For those who are unaware, PCD’s full form is ‘Propaganda cum Distribution’. ‘Propaganda’ is a latin word, which means to propagate, to spread. In pharma, the propaganda term was evolved by start-up or small-scale pharma companies to grow their market to give competition to the established pharmaceutical firms. It was actually a breakaway in pharmaceutics that originates various opportunities to those who want to start their own business, gain ample profits but at less investment.

Now, you are aware what PCD stands for. Let’s know a little about the PCD pharma franchise:

Pharma companies give permission to a person or group of people including distributors or professionals to do business using their products and trademarks along with some terms and conditions. Entity who is granted such permission is called a Pharma franchise OR PCD pharma franchise.

The reason behind choosing this business platform is simple. This business involves:

Due to these reasons, the PCD pharma franchise business is the centre for attraction. However, people who start their business in this not only evaluate the benefits but also the possible associated risks like low benefits or scarcity of proper finance. For this, some preparation is necessary to enter & rise in this business like:

  • Up To Date With Marketing Scenario
  • Keep Eye on finance and expenditure
  • Use the promotional tools and strategize marketing strategy wisely

    Keeping these things in mind, anyone can start a startup for a brighter, healthier and safe future. 

    To know more about the PCD pharma franchise or to work with us, feel free to contact us




Role of a Medical Representative

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A medical representative is a person appointed by a medical company as a part of the sales team to establish a network with the healthcare professionals to promote new products, deals, sales, offers, advice and information about the usage of the medical products, medical equipment, devices or medicines. In other words, they are the front end representatives for pharmaceutical companies to a healthcare professional or a doctor.

A medical sales representative has good communication skills, convincing power and can easily influence people with his advanced marketing strategies. He is appointed by companies so that their respective products can easily reach the specialists and further be used by common people. He has to maintain all detailed records of sales and doctors data on a monthly and yearly basis. 

The company allotted different territories to different representatives to manage the work easily and to help build stronger bonds & business. They lay the foundation for the company’s growth.


The most important role of a medical representative is to promote and sell or in other words create demand for any old or new product in the market and ensure availability at retailers. Their role is quite challenging because they have to work continuously day and night at different hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and meet different people like doctors, medical professionals, pharmacists, clinic managers, etc.  

They have to achieve their sales target by generating prescriptions. They have to be mastered in the skill of communication, problem solving abilities and time management.  

A medical representative should be able to convince a healthcare professional to prescribe the company’s product as he is the building block of the company. They form the platform of the company in front of the customers and share the vision, promote the products and achieve the objectives. All these efforts of the representative add on to the revenue of the company. 

They are basically the key point of contact between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals, answering their questions, promoting products, spreading awareness and introducing new products. 

Medical representatives’ role is to meet with doctors, nurses or pharmacists in their offices to look after the supply of drugs and to inform them of the forthcoming changes.  

How to become a medical representative? 

Those who wish to become a medical representative need to have a bachelor’s degree in a related field like science, pharmacy, business or healthcare. Person’s qualified in other fields can also become a medical representative but they have to undergo various training programs about the human body functions, diseases and drugs in which they want to specialize. These training sessions are normally for 30 to 45 days. 

Skills of a medical representative 

Lots of skills are required to develop trust and support of the people. Some of the skills of a medical representative are mentioned below: 

  1. Hardworking and confident 
  2. Good Product Knowledge
  3. Should be well groomed 
  4. Should be dedicated and determined 
  5. Ability to take a challenge 
  6. Should be fluent with the language 
  7. Should have problem solving skills 
  8. Ability to handle different types of customers 
  9. Should be punctual and disciplined 
  10. Should have good analytical skills 
  11. Well mannered 
  12. Should have a positive attitude towards work 

Medical Representative Salary

Salaries of a medical representative vary from company to company. Indian pharmaceuticals normally pay between Rs. 1.8 lacs Per annum to Rs. 2.5 lacs Per annum. Moreover multinational pharmaceutical companies pay between Rs. 2.4 lacs Per annum to Rs. 3.6 lacs Per annum.

Medical Representative Jobs

There are plenty of new openings or jobs for medical representatives in India with Indian pharma companies, pcd pharma franchise companies, medical equipment companies and multinational companies. One can apply with placement agencies or online job portals like or 

We hope you have understood the role and responsibilities of a medical representative and how he plays a very important role in building the business of a pharmaceutical company. 


Reasons behind bright future of Pharma Franchise Business

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These days most people are looking for business options as most of us feel that jobs are not secure and require much hard work to grow. However, it becomes hard for us to select the business option that requires less capital and involves less risk. There are only few options of such businesses as most of them require huge capitals thus the risk levels are also very high.

Pharma franchise business is considered to be the best business option for the people who want to start with less investment and have less resource.

Causes of popularity of pharma franchise business:

Low investment: This business can be started with little investment. However, you can expand your business in future once you get established and attain specific growth. You can add more products in future. To know more about investments required to start a PCD pharma company, click here.

Low risk: If there is low investment then it is obvious that there are less risks and low levels of losses.

No work pressure: You will not need to take any pressure or stress. You do not have the burden of completing the targets. No one is there to rule you therefore, you can use your own ideas to grow your business.

Good career prospects: The pharma sector is quite big. It includes lots of small businesses. Thus being part of this sector the growth prospects are quite vast.

Guaranteed result: As the pharma sector is flourishing day by day thus there are higher chances of getting success by associating with this sector.

Low cost of marketing: There is no need of investment for marketing and advertising as it is done by the franchiser. This makes this business different from others.

Low cost of administration: In this business you will be associating with a company, which will be already settled. Thus, you will not need to hire many people. Thus you will save expenditure.

Be your own boss with small investment: This business offers you a great opportunity to start your own work with a small investment.

Prospect for innovation: Once you get stability in your business, you can use your ideas and strategies to rapidly expand your business. If you have the skills to deal with business challenges then there is a broad scope for you.

Future of PCD Pharma Franchise business

  1. It must be clear from the above points that this business is quite beneficial.
  2. Now let’s discuss why the future of pharma franchise business is quite bright:
  3. Occurrence of diseases is increasing in modern days. Not only old people suffer from medical conditions but the occurrence of medical conditions is also increasing in children and youngsters.
  4. The awareness regarding the healthcare services is rising globally. No matter if the country is developed or developing. There is need and awareness regarding the advanced healthcare services. Everyone wants the best medical facilities.
  5. The average income of middle-class families is increasing and they are able to spend on medicines and healthcare families.
  6. The government is also taking initiatives to develop the pharma sector so that every citizen can enjoy the good healthcare services.

Considering all these points you can estimate the future benefits of starting with pharma franchise business.


The rapid development of the pharma sector shows that the future of the PCD pharma franchise is bright. If you invest in this business then you can get incredible advantages in future. You just need little knowledge and money. You can easily grow this business with your right approach and strategies.

Also, read about ‘PCD pharma franchise requirements’.

Increasing competition in the Ethical Pharma Franchise business

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Many of the times it happens that you step into the business with passion and start a company. However, the business atmosphere changes suddenly and becomes extremely competitive. In that situation, winding up your business and beginning to look for something else is not a good decision.

Competition is unavoidable. It is present in every field. So the pharmaceutical industry is not an exception. From the past few decades there has been huge change in the pharma franchise business.

The competition is increasing every year, whether you run a pharma industry or a pharma franchise.

Well before discussing the ways to combat competition, let’s discuss factors responsible for growing competition in pharma franchise business

Factors behind the growing competition of the pharma franchise business:

There are so many factors which are responsible for the increasing competition in pharma franchise business:

Low investments: One of the best aspects of starting a pharma franchise business is that it offers low cost investment which makes things easy for the new businessmen. Therefore, comparatively many people are able to invest in this business. Otherwise, large scale businesses require huge capital investment. So those business plans are left only for the people who are able to invest big amounts.

Lucrative Business Model: This is for sure that people will never stop purchasing the medicines and other pharma products. Medicines have become a vital part of today’s life. Whatsoever is the scenario, the need for medicines will always remain. This makes this business attractive for the entrepreneurs.

Innovative Compositions: Most of the pharma franchise companies are selling the same pharmaceutical products. Therefore the competition is very high. To overcome this competition, innovative products should be given the consideration.

Better growth opportunities: It is one of the major benefits that attracts more young entrepreneurs to rush into this business. This is because all companies want to get better growth. If you are working with a reputed pharma company in India, then you can easily grow as you will get all the needed support to manage your business.

Maximum monopoly rights: Pharma franchise business gets the maximum level of monopoly rights. In this business you are free to select the particular areas in which you want to run the business. Moreover, you are free to choose your stock level, how many hours you want to work and products you want to sell.

Benefits of offerings: It is another best thing of this business that you get attractive offerings. The pharma companies provide various things to their franchise partner with which they are able attract proposals. Those things include promotional inputs such as bags, pens, diaries, gifts to doctors and various other items. Moreover, you may also get incentives and bonuses.

How can you beat the competition?

  • Maintain the quality: Use only quality formulations. This will help you to increase the business growth. Cheap resources in Pharma Franchise Business can never help in the progress.
  • Correct strategy: Although competition is unavoidable, you can overcome it by following the correct strategy. If you have operational and marketing skills then you can easily run your pharma franchise productively. Connecting with a good pharma company is the key secret. Such companies provide technology and resources.
  • Expand your business: To expand your business you need to move across new regions. It may seem hard but once you step into it business will grow at a great pace. It will help you to prove your service and raise the name of the brand.

You should look for the new areas if possible rural areas where there is low availability of products. This will help you to start a new market around the nation. Once your network is established automatically there will be a hike.

Even though there is high competition in pharma franchises, there are many advantages. It is always profitable to invest in pharma franchise companies. It can be established even with low cost investment with the help of local resources. This business is exciting and result-oriented; however, it depends on your management.

Pharma franchise opportunity in gastroenterology products

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Gastroenterology is the branch of medicine that deals with diseases of the stomach and intestines. It is found that the need for gastrointestinal medicines is increasing day by day at a fast pace. It is because of the emerging unhealthy lifestyle in today’s life. Unhealthy eating and physical activity are responsible for a number of gastrointestinal problems.

The increasing gastrointestinal problems in the population are increasing the demand for gastroenterology products in the market.

If you are looking for a great pharma franchise opportunity then investing in these products can be highly profitable. Well, before discussing the major benefits of investing in pharma franchise business of gastroenterology products.

Let’s discuss some of the common gastrointestinal disorders:

· Celiac disease: It is severe autoimmune disease in which the small intestine is hypersensitive to gluten. In this condition the intake of gluten stimulates the immune system of the body to attack the small intestine, resulting in damage to the villi of the small intestine. Villi are small fingerlike projections, which stimulate the absorption of nutrients.

Celiac disease can develop at any age and its symptoms include rashes, bloating and weight loss. Following a strict gluten-free diet for your whole life is the only treatment for this disease.

· Constipation: It is a condition in which there is difficulty or irregularity in passing feces.

Hemorrhoids often develop with constipation. Constipation can be caused by dehydration,
pregnancy, a lack of fibrous diet, inactivity, or some medicines such as opioids, antidepressants and iron supplements. The administration of laxatives changes can help in preventing its reoccurrence.

· Crohn’s Disease: It is a chronic bowel disease, which causes patches of inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract somewhere between the mouth and the anus.

· Diarrhea: Its symptoms include frequent, loose, watery feces that are accompanied by an urgent need to go to the toilet. Cramps and abdominal pain also occur with it.

· Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: It is known as acid reflux or heartburn. It develops when the ring of muscle fibers, which enclose the opening to the stomach, becomes weak. It remains partially open instead of remaining tightly closed to prevent the backflow of food.

The major symptoms of this disease are chest pain, nausea and heartburn.

· Hemorrhoids: It develops when the anal cushions become enlarged and swollen. They can develop either externally or internally and in both forms. They may bleed when a bowel motion is passed.

· Peptic Ulcer Disease: It is an umbrella term used for both gastric and duodenal ulcers. They are the small holes, which can develop in the lining of the stomach or upper part of the small intestine. Symptoms usually include heartburn and abdominal pain.

· Vomiting: It occurs when the contents of the stomach are forcefully expelled through the mouth; generally involuntarily. It is usually caused by viruses, bacteria and other
microorganisms. Excess alcohol consumption, pregnancy, food allergies and migraine can also cause vomiting.

Why invest in Gastroenterology products franchise?

All the above mentioned disorders are common in modern days due to low fibrous diet, intake of junk food, stress and inactive lifestyle. The increasing prevalence of these diseases is resulting in a growing market of gastrointestinal drugs.

The demand for gastro medicines is increasing especially in the pediatric and geriatric population. As the lifestyle has improved and the population has increased, everybody wants to receive the best treatment. The need for gastro medicines is increasing and therefore the opportunity of receiving good profits from pharma franchise business of gastroenterology products is also high.

However, if you want to earn profits you need to join the best pharma franchise company.

Let’s introduce you to the best PCD pharma franchise company.

Best Pharma franchise company for gastroenterology products in India

Pharma Franchise World is a PCD pharma company in India which has more than 200
high-quality pharma products. Because of our quality services, we are now expanding our business in the entire India.

We have well qualified team members with the help of whom we are able to completely examine and go through the quality of all our products.

We are supported by the advanced technologies that assist to produce the products of the latest standards.

All these reasons are responsible for making our clients all over the whole world. We feel proud to provide a healthy lifestyle to all our clients.

Benefits of choosing Pharma Franchise World:

· All our Pharmaceuticals products are produced in GMP certified units.
· Our company offers ASM bags, Visual Aids, MR bags, LBL and Reminder Cards as elements of marketing strategy.
· We keep all franchises well informed about products.
· Our company offers incentives for meeting annual targets.
· Our company offers a Monthly Promotional Scheme.
· Our company offers Order Execution Turnaround within 24 hours.
· Our Company has a complete variety of products such as dry liquids, antibiotics, capsules, tablets, liquid and injectable.

Quality is our primary objective. Therefore, we make sure that our vendors follow all norms and regulations. Because of our quality services we are a trusted brand name in the sector of the Indian PCD Franchise companies. We are an ISO 9001:2008 & GMP Certified Ethical PCD Company. Our company is focused on improving, prolonging and revitalizing the quality of life. Now we have extended our services to almost every part of India by providing first-class PCD pharma franchise opportunities.

Our aim is to spread the name of our company in the world by providing more pharma franchise opportunities. Our company is joined with many reputed companies who are qualified in a wide range of health products.

We will make sure that you will get positive results for your company.

Start your pharma franchise business in gastroenterology products with Pharma Franchise World to get clear dealings and sure profits. You can start it with low investments and less efforts.

Sulfonylureas Drugs: Excellent Pharma Franchise Opportunity

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Diabetes is one of those health issues, which have been growing worldwide at a fast rate. Therefore, the demand for diabetic drugs is also increasing day by day. The diabetic medications are in increasing demand in India. The medications used for treating its symptoms include a wide range.

Thus, you get PCD pharma franchise opportunities in India with anti-diabetic medications. If you want to make profits in less time then PCD pharma franchise business in India in anti-diabetic medicines especially sulfonylureas drugs will be an excellent option for you. Sulfonylureas are among the commonly used anti-diabetic drugs.

In this article we will discuss

· What are sulfonylureas drugs?
· How do sulfonylureas work?
· For whom sulphonylureas are suitable for?
· Benefits of sulfonylureas drugs
· Precautions to be taken with the use of sulfonylureas drugs
· Sulfonylureas and Alcohol
· Sulfonylureas and Pregnancy
· Why start a business in diabetic drug market?
· Conclusion

What are sulfonylureas drugs?

Sulphonylureas are a class of medicines, which regulate the levels of blood sugar in patients suffering from type 2 diabetes by promoting the insulin production in the pancreas and enhancing the efficiency of insulin in the body.

They are usually administered one or a few times daily with meals or just before a meal. It is administered by patients on their own or prescribed for taking along with other diabetes medications like metformin.

This class includes following range of drugs:

  1. Glimepiride
  2. Gilbenclamide
  3. Gilclazide
  4. Glipizide
  5. Tolbutamide

How do sulfonylureas work?

Sulfonylureas lower the levels of blood glucose by promoting the liberation of insulin from the Beta cells of the pancreas. They trigger the release of insulin by inhibiting the ATP sensitive potassium channels in the Beta cells and decreasing the potassium permeability. This results in depolarization of the cell and enhances the calcium entry, leading to increased insulin secretion.

For whom sulphonylureas are suitable for?

Sulphonylureas are suitable for type 2 diabetes patients with blood glucose levels, which are more than the recommended levels.
They are not suitable for the patients having considerably decreased ability to form insulin, like the people with type 1 diabetes or people who had a pancreatectomy.

Benefits of sulfonylureas drugs

Sulfonylureas drugs provide their major benefit by increasing insulin secretion and thus assisting to decrease the levels of blood glucose.

Precautions to be taken with the use of sulfonylureas drugs

Sulfonylureas should not be administered by the type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis patients.

Individual suffering from kidney or liver problems might not be able to take sulfonylureas. Consult your physician before taking these medicines.

Certain sulfonylureas drugs may make skin more sensitive to sunlight. Therefore, avoid excessive exposure to the sun. Try to wear sunscreen and protective clothing while going out.

Inform your doctor if you are taking a sulfonylurea before undergoing any medical procedure, such as dental procedure.

Inform your physician regarding all prescription, non-prescription, herbal, illegal, nutritional, dietary or recreational drugs, which you are taking before beginning the use of sulfonylurea.

Sulfonylureas and Alcohol

Alcohol consumption may worsen some of the side effects of sulfonylureas. Therefore, limit the alcohol drinking while taking these medications.

Sulfonylureas and Pregnancy

Tell your physician if you’re pregnant or trying to conceive before taking a sulfonylurea drug.

Also inform your doctor before taking these medicines if you are breastfeeding.

Why start a business in diabetic drug market?

India is known as the diabetic capital of the world. The diabetes patients are increasing every year. Therefore, there is good demand of anti-diabetic medicines in the market. People are becoming aware about their health and are willing to invest on high quality medications.


If you are looking for pharma franchise opportunity then you can invest in PCD pharma franchise company in India of sulphonylureas medicines with pharma franchise world.

This company offers:

  1. Timely services and regular supplies
  2. Quick and hassle free business
  3. Transparent dealings
  4. No Supplies without order confirmation
  5. Smart packaging
  6. Most competitive rates
  7. Assured monopoly
  8. Honest transactions
  9. Promotional inputs

What are third party manufacturing pharma and contract manufacturing?

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There is not much difference between these two business models. Third-party manufacturing pharma means the pharma company gets medications produced with its own brand name from a manufacturing company. The medicines are produced of a decided quantity well-timed from that manufacturing company in India.

Usually, small to medium size companies choose 3rd party manufacturing services. In this type of manufacturing company there is not any type of condition or time compulsion.

In contract manufacturing, a pharma company in India gets medications manufactured at customized conditions.

For instance, they ask for the raw material, packaging material, and other product-related stuff. The manufacturer only assembles it.

Moreover, there is a legal deal between the manufacturer and company where the manufacturer commits to deliver the high quality product on a certain date. These types of manufacturing services are usually used by the big size and top pharma firms.

Advantages of selecting pharma third-party manufacturing in India

There are numerous advantages of choosing third party manufacturing pharma companies. Some of them are mentioned below:

• It provides opportunities for small companies. They can start their own company without investing any amount in the production infrastructure and facility.
• You do not need big land for establishing your business.
• You need less manpower as there will be no need for the manpower in the production area. This will save your lot of money.
• You will have the option to add a wide range of products under your brand name.

Advantages of selecting contract manufacturing companies

There are various factors that will help if you join contract manufacturing. Following are some of the advantages of investing in a contract manufacturing company:

• Contract manufacturing will help to reduce the cost of manufacturing. You will not need to produce the medications on your own.
• You will be able to give your attention to other areas of your company such as marketing and branding.
• Through contract manufacturing you will be able to see the technical approach that is not possible through your own manufacturing.
• You will require less resources and capital. If you are new to this business or own a small pharma company then you will not face the hurdles, which are usually faced due to the limited resources. Contract manufacturers have lots of resources they will help to add value to your product.

However, the decision of working with third party manufacturing companies or contract manufacturers depends upon your particular demands and needs.

Sometimes, it becomes very hard for the pharma companies to carry out the large proportion of activities internally. Thus they need association with contract or third party pharma manufacturing companies, which is a quite lucrative model. Association with these companies not only involves the product manufacturing or packaging but it includes the product testing, development, etc.

Things to be considered before choosing the contract and pharmaceutical third party manufacturing services:

A pharma company can take the help of PCD pharma company and various other services to grow faster. Like the PCD pharma franchise manufacturing services can also help the growth of business at a faster pace.

Make sure that the company with which you are going to make an agreement is good enough to maintain your business growth. It should be a full package of process development, production, testing registration, etc.

It should be a reputable and professional company that will be able to deliver your pharmaceuticals products of required quality at a decided time. Any unprofessional behavior by the manufacturing company can affect your business. Therefore, you should choose the manufacturing company after complete research.


Finally it depends upon the needs and demands of the company whether it needs contract manufacturing services or third party manufacturing pharma company. However, taking the help of these services can surely help the companies that are new to the pharma world and are willing to begin their own business on a small scale.

Benefits of multinational pharma franchise company of antioxidant products

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Antioxidants are the natural or synthetic substances, which may delay or prevent certain types of cell damage. They are found in various foods, such as fruits and vegetables. You can also consume them as dietary supplements.

Following are some of the examples of antioxidants:

• Beta-carotene
• Vitamin A
• Vitamin C
• Lutein
• Lycopene
• Selenium
• Vitamin E

Antioxidant medicine in the modern world has very high demand in the pharma market. These come under the category of multivitamins, which are vastly consumed by the people for good health. Due to this reason many people are interested to invest in its pharma franchise business.

• How is investing in the PCD pharma franchise business of antioxidant products beneficial?

Antioxidant medicines are used to treat or prevent vitamin deficiency due to pregnancy, poor diet and certain medical conditions. Vitamins are vital building blocks of the body that help to keep good health.

Antioxidant medications are used to reduce the problems, which take place due to oxygen. These medicines are ideal to act against the adverse effect of oxidation, which is a condition, where free radicals cause cell damage. These medicines cure your body from such damage.

Otherwise, the regular cell damage can cause premature ageing, cancer, asthma, infertility and many other medical conditions.

Therefore, their administration is essential in today’s modern life, which is full of stress and poor lifestyle. Their demand is increasing day by day. This, investing in their pharma franchise business is a great idea.

After making your mind to invest in the PCD pharma franchise of antioxidant products you will be confused about the company in which you should invest. Let’s discuss the best pharma franchise company for antioxidant products.

• Best pharma franchise company for antioxidant products

If you are looking for a company to invest in a pharma franchise of antioxidants then you must select Pharma Franchise World. It is the best company to invest in the pharma franchise of antioxidants.

Pharma Franchise World is a PCD pharma company in India with more than 200 high-quality pharma products. We provide quality services due to which we are now working to expand our business all over India.

We have a team of well qualified members. We completely evaluate the quality and purity of our products. Our Company is well supported by our well qualified team and modern technologies. The use of advanced technology helps us to produce products of the latest standards.

These reasons are responsible for making our clients throughout the world. We are proud that we are offering a healthy lifestyle to all our clients.

• Antioxidant products of Pharma Franchise World

Revorg Suspension: It is lycopene multivitamin and multimineral syrup. It helps in the growth, repair and maintenance of the cells.

This suspension controls the water balance and pH of the body. It repairs cells and bones, assisting the exchange of nutrients between the tissues.

USP of the product:

  1. It is natural nutrition for a healthy life. It protects all body cells.
  2. It is used in cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, muscular degeneration, skin diseases and chronic disorders.
  3. It limits the risk of muscular degeneration, particularly in old age.
  4. It decreases the risk of chronic diseases.

Revorg Tablets: They are lycopene multivitamin, lutein, biotin & multimineral tablets. Lycopene is used for decreasing the blood pressure and high cholesterol in heart disease. Lutein and biotin are used for prevention of colon cancer, heart disease, breast cancer and type 2 diabetes.

USP of the product:

  1. These tablets are used in the therapy of diabetes, skin disorder, cardiovascular disorders, Macular degeneration, general debility and chronic disease.
  2. It protects cells, which reduces the risk of age-related macular degeneration. It contains essential amino acids that assist in the growth, repair and maintenance of the cells.
  3. These tablets regulate the water balance and pH of the body. They repair bones and cells and help in the exchange of nutrients between the tissues.

Revorg-4G: They are omega 3 fatty acid capsules with multivitamin, multimineral & antioxidants & trace elements. These capsules increase the resistance of the body to stress, fatigue, trauma and anxiety by altering the immune function.

USP of the product:

  1. These are soft gelatin capsules, which are used in lifestyle stress, neurasthenia, chronic fatigue syndrome, muscle fatigue ness, hypertension, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, diabetes, dementia, diabetic neuropathy and obesity.
    It is used in post-trauma and post-stroke depression. They considerably improve several aspects such as working, index of memory quality and long-term memory.
  2. It is a strong combination of antioxidants such as green tea extract, minerals, vitamins and ginseng extract.

• Conclusion

You can join Pharma Franchise World Company to grow at a faster pace without much botheration. Its excellent products and services will make it easy for you to run your business. You will earn and learn massively with this company.

How pharma franchise business helps small pharma companies?

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Pharma industry is the most flourishing industry in the present times. Therefore, pharma business is the most profitable business nowadays. The primary benefit of the pharma business is the assurance that it offers for small as well as large business enterprises.

The emergence of pharma franchise business has made things more exciting. It acts as a great benefit particularly for small businesses.

Pharma franchise business models will be ideal if you aim to do a profitable business. Pharma franchise business has replaced the traditional distribution channels. It is great for all streams of medicines whether conventional to modern.

Following are some of the major benefits that will be offered by the pharma franchise models to the small pharmaceutical companies for their fast and trouble free growth:

• Gives a chance to show your abilities: Sometimes small pharma companies lack experience. With the help of the pharma franchise business model, it becomes easy for the small pharma companies to establish their name and brand.

They do not face much harassment in establishing a trading network or a distribution channel.

• Builds competition: The pharma franchise model is the best option to develop competition by breaking the alliance of large pharma companies. After establishing a strong association with professionals through the pharma franchise model, you will not face obstruction to achieve success.

• Needs less investment: Pharma franchise business model can be launched by small investments. It is an accessible business model for all the small pharma companies. The entrepreneurs don’t feel stressed to drive the business even in adverse conditions.

• Changing business scenario: In previous days, the distributors had to rely on pharma companies. But now the scenario has changed. PCD Pharma franchise business has become more reliable and effective.

• Market entry becomes easier: The small businesses will not have to compete vigorously with big business. In fact it will help to build a healthier relationship with other pharma professionals.

As the franchise model is dedicated to a sole proprietor, then the person has to sell more to get more profit.

• Break monopoly of companies: Big pharma companies have resources and ability to beat the competition but small companies alone cannot compete with big companies due to lack of investments and resources.

Pharma franchises having good connections with the local health care professionals offer small companies the option to build the competition with big companies. Thereby, pharma franchise companies break the monopoly of big pharma companies.

• Builds space for newcomers: In the pharma sector, there is huge competition; therefore, the entry of new professionals is very tough. There is competition with recognized retailers, distributors and other professionals. Thus it is very hard for the newcomers to establish their own trading network in this field.

The big pharma companies offer distribution to big distributors that have many complex conditions such as security amount. Such conditions are out of reach for new professionals.

Pharma Franchise companies offer easy opportunities to get distribution at easy terms.

• Build new option: Pharma franchise companies create new options to the doctors for prescription.

• Growing production and supply: Chemists always choose the products, which can be provided to the customers in plenty. Due to high demand for products from big pharma companies, there may be a shortage of supply.

Through an efficient pharma franchise model, small pharma companies can provide enough products for the chemists.

Thus, the pharma franchise model is the most successful model to complete the need of product availability. Particularly, it is an incredible model for countries like India, where demand for medicines is always at peak.


All these aspects make it a good to start with the franchise model at first and to change to complicated business models after getting stability.

The pharma franchise business is the most promising model at present for small businesses. It is risk-free, and futuristic. It is surely going to reach incredible heights in the near future. Therefore, it will be beneficial to begin with it.

Points to Consider before Starting a Pharma franchise Business

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Pharma franchises are the primary support of the pharmaceutical industry. The rapidly rising field of pharma provides unlimited opportunities for the entrepreneurs. The  pharma franchise business has a crucial role in establishing the name of the company and its products. There are certain things that should be considered seriously before starting a PCD pharma franchise company.

Let’s discuss those things that you should consider before starting the pharma franchise business in India:

• Choose your area: It is important to select the type of medicines, which you like to franchise before beginning this business. You can choose the specific areas such as ENT drugs, ophthalmic medications or diabetic medications. You may also choose to do pharma franchises for various medications.

• Check Locality: A good location is very important for your pharma franchise business. It will affect your product, marketing and staff.

Before selecting the locality, consider the following points to find the perfect location:

  1. Population Demographics
  2. Location Costs
  3. Powering Up
  4. Amenities
  5. Communication
  6. Competition
  7. Business Visibility
  8. Personal Factors

• Experience: It is always better to start a business in a field where you have experience. It will be a good idea to start a pharma franchise business if you have worked in the pharma industry. If you don’t have field experience then you must do a lot of homework before starting this business.

• Research: Complete research is required before starting any business. Finding the location is the first step. You must be aware about the competitors working in the locality you have selected.
A complete research will help to prevent the unwanted problems and failures during the starting period of your pharma franchise business. Focus on the current demands, peer companies, competition, monopoly availability and so on. A proper research can help you to reach the top of your business field.

• Documents: You must have verified documents when you start a pharma franchise company. It is the most significant thing that cannot be ignored in any case. Following is the list of some of the documents that are needed to start up a pharma franchise:

  1. Legal Drug License
  2. Rental agreement (If you have premise on rent or lease)
  3. Registration documents (If you have your own premises) to verify your ownership
  4. VAT, CST and TIN

• Choose Best Pharma Company: It is quite crucial to search for the reputable and trustable companies in the field of the pharma franchise business. You need to look for the legal entities. You can check the accreditations and documentation, which show the actual nature of their company. It is very important to invest in a genuine pharmaceutical company.

  1. ISO Certified
  2. World Health Organization (WHO)
  3. Drug Controller General of India (DCGI)
  4. Food and Drug Administration
  5. Good Manufacturing Products (GMP)
  6. Food Safety & Standard Authority of India (FSSAI)

• Capital: Once you have decided and examined an investment for a pharma franchise company in India, it becomes easy to take a step forward.

You must identify your objectives and risk tolerance if you want to make a successful investment. You can make your investment on your own or by taking the help of a financial expert.

• Quality Assured Products: You should focus on the products for which you can effortlessly get a prescription. Wrong product availability can create trouble for your business. As the market demand for good-quality drugs is increasing, those who will provide quality products will win the race.

• Terms of payment: You may require to arrange funds from various sources to start the business. Therefore, you should know the terms and conditions of payment.

It is better to clear up the payment terms in the start so that there is no problem when your business picks up the pace. Clear the installment amounts with your lenders.

Always read the terms and conditions carefully. Take the help of an expert if you find it difficult to understand the terms and conditions.

It is very important to understand the market situations and terms and conditions of pharma companies. Taking care of the above factors before starting a pharma franchise business can help to grow at a faster pace and establish your pharma business well.