How to Take Care of Hair Naturally? It’s Easy if you do it smart

How to Take Care of Hair Naturally? It’s Easy if you do it smart
by new_pharma

This is the biggest question of all age groups nowadays that how to take care of hair naturally? Yes! It’s true that people get a variety of advice when it is about taking care of and styling hair.

But still accepting the best advice and getting the desired results is like a game of gamble because you never know that what that remedy is going to do with your hair. Sometimes you get what you expected, but sometimes it just affects your hair severely, so the best way to treat your hair is adopting the natural methods for taking care of hair. Here are some great and easy ways to take care of hair naturally:

Oil is Your Best Friend

Oiling the scalp and hair regularly do wonder to your hair:

  • It conditions your hair
  • It promotes the fastest hair growth by increasing the circulation of the hair follicle.
  • It gives beautiful texture and shines to your hair.

Deep Conditioning But in a Right Way

Deep hair conditioner after every hair wash is your best habit to keep your hair healthy. But you should know the right way to condition your hair. Conditioner should not be applied to the scalp because it is not useful or your scalp and can make your hair excessively oily.

The right way to condition your hair:

  • Always apply the conditioner 2 inches away from your scalp till your hair ends.
  • Keep as it is for about 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Then rinse it off with cold water.

First Dry Then Comb Hair

Damp hairs are very tender and weak, so comb those leads to comparatively more hair loss. So the best way to avoid this condition is to dry your hair first by a soft tap with the towel then leave them to dry for some time after that comb them gently.

Trim Your Hair – Bye-Bye Split ends

Split ends are not suitable for your hair health as they are the damaged hair and also damages the further hair leads to more hair breakage and flyaway. So trimming your hair of about 1/4th an inch after every 6 – 8 weeks makes your hair thicker, shiny and overall healthy.

Egg Treatment for Happy Hair

The egg is the most significant source of the protein and hair are majorly made up of proteins, so providing egg benefits to the hair directly make them happier and healthier than before. Way to have egg treatment:

  • Prepare the mixture of whole 1 or 2 egg according to the hair length and volume.
  • Apply this mixture to your clean and damp hair.
  • Leave this for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water.

Use Gentle Shampoo for Soft Hair

The various shampoo contains sulphate and paraben in it, which is not suitable for the health of the hair. Hair growth shampoo should not contain sulphates and paraben which cause irritation and eye problems when applying for a long time. So a better way to avoid this problem is to use natural cleansers instead of these chemicals.

Say Bye to Hot Water

Hot water is responsible for making your hair and scalp dry, which leads to the brittle and frizzy hair that breaks easily. In place of this cold water conditions the hair and makes them lustrous and shiny by closing the pores and cuticles in the scalp. So say bye-bye forever to hot water for hair washing.

Avoid Heat Styling – Stay Natural

Heat styling the hair is not the hair loss condition, but it is the way to make your hair weaker day by day because of heat styling, blow drying, straightening hair and using the styling products damages hair, make them thinner than the natural hair which tends to break easily results in significant hair loss. So staying natural and avoiding all these things can make your hair healthy.

Colouring Makes Your Hair Upset

Hair colouring dyes and products contain a high amount of ammonia and peroxide in it, which damages the subsequent hair loss. Hair dyes also remove the melanin (hair colour pigment) from the hair which also responsible for the weakening of the hair results to hair loss. If you are currently dealing with the same kind of hair loss then hair growth serum will work best for you otherwise staying with your natural hair colour is the better way to take care of hair naturally.

Hair Protection is Better Option

The environment also plays a significant role in affecting the health of the hair. Exposure of hair to sun, dirt, pollution and many more can lead to the dryness of the hair and scalp and the build-up of dust that can increase susceptibility to infections on the scalp. So protection is the better option which can be done by covering the hair by using an umbrella, hat and scarf while you are in exposure to these harmful aspects.

These are the ways to take care of the hair naturally. Try these ways in your life and see the visible healthy change to your hair!

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