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COVID-19: Unite, fight and prevent it together

Commenced from Wuhan, China, in December 2019, the current outbreak of a new strain of coronavirus has jolted the whole world. With many new and 118,000 confirmed cases, COVID-19 is the third recorded spillover in only two decades. In this article, we'll cover the following things: 1. Status of COVID-19 around the world 2. Status [...]

Best 10 Pharma Franchise Companies to Look Forward in 2020

The pharmaceutical industry in India is ever-evolving. The increase in economic growth has led to a massive demand for the quality healthcare products and medicines in the country. With India predicted to be the 6th largest market for pharmaceuticals globally by 2020 as per the latest WHO report, the number of business opportunities to the [...]

Looking for Pharma Franchise Opportunities in India

Pharma franchise: A low-risk business model with better outcomes in low investments that do not require capital investment at periodic intervals. Investments in other enterprises may demand higher expenditures and require long time to get satisfactory outcomes. Therefore, for a new entrepreneur, pharma franchise business can be a beneficial deal. By understanding pharma franchise business, [...]

Pros and Cons of Online Medicine Shopping in India!

Given the busy lifestyle, Internet or online shopping is a favorable choice for many! It has become a convenient option for shopping as we get everything delivered at your door-step only with a single click. Along with other products, people are also going for online medicine shopping in India As per a research by foreign [...]

DCGI Approved Fixed-Dose Combinations for Diabetes Management

Fixed-dose combinations (FDCs) are gaining popularity worldwide, considering their importance in disease management and better efficacy and safety profile. It has always been a great topic of deliberation in the pharmaceutical industry, drug regulatory agency, pharmaceutical trade and public health point of view. The increased therapeutic activity of FDC shows new possibilities in the treatment [...]

Hyperlipidemia: A Common Health Problem

Hyperlipidemia is considered as one of the major risk factors causing cardiovascular diseases. According to World Health Organisation, approximately 2.6 million deaths (4.5% of total) and one-third of ischaemic heart disease are attributable to high cholesterol. Hyperlipidemia is a lifelong condition which refers to abnormal levels of lipids (fats) circulating in the blood. These plasma [...]

How to Take Care of Hair Naturally? It’s Easy if you do it smart

This is the biggest question of all age groups nowadays that how to take care of hair naturally? Yes! It’s true that people get a variety of advice when it is about taking care of and styling hair. But still accepting the best advice and getting the desired results is like a game of gamble [...]

Tips for selecting best PCD company

Here in this article, we would read about how to select the best PCD company for starting of own franchise business. PCD business does involve a set of strategies to be followed to make the business successful. The making and the implementation of the strategies start from the very beginning while selecting the franchise company. [...]

Why Pharma Franchise World?

Pharma Sector appears to be a prevalent business and is no doubt which involves genuine profits if implemented with appropriate strategies and plans. But this business involves vast pseudo and bogus companies which alter the reputation and the status of this business. Thus investing in such companies would lead to the loss in terms of [...]

Pharma Franchise over Marketing Job

Marketing in pharma seems to be diversified with great opportunities, but these opportunities are to earn 10 for us and 90 for the company, but there is something you've never thought. You can earn even more with what you are doing. Just by starting your own business. The efforts you've put being the medical representative [...]