Most-in-demand pharmaceutical categories for pharma franchise pcd

Most-in-demand pharmaceutical categories for pharma franchise pcd
by new_pharma

Franchising is getting countless exploration in low-, middle-, as well as high-income countries as an organizational template to surmount certain challenges in the healthcare sector. Pharma franchise pcd is a contractual agreement amongst the franchiser and the franchisee, by which the franchisee has the privilege to market products or services under the franchiser’s company brand.

The major segment which plays an essential part in getting success from the pharma franchise business is the correct choice of drugs for the market. Pharma franchise companies deal with multiple ranges of pharma products, however, the market and CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of every drug segment is different.

If you are unable to find the right segment you want to start a business with, then you’re at the ideal place.

The following given information and statistics can help you to get a clear picture.

  • Dermatological Products
  • Hepatology range
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Cardiac range
  • Diabetic range
  • Orthopedic range
  • Gastroenterology range
  • Common cold drugs

Let’s explore all the pharmaceutical products ranges individually:

#Dermatological Products

Skincare is one of the most prominent and demanded industry in India. The dermatological products are the best deal for people who want to join or start the pharma franchise enterprise because the pharma franchise market of dermatological products is rising exponentially. The people are taking interest in keeping their skin spotless, charming, and healthy.

The global market for these products is increasing at 8% CAGR. In the context of Indian dermatological drug market is cultivating twice of the European market. Up to 2022, it is estimated that the demand for these products can increase by up to $33.7 billion.

This market offers a range of products in the context to deal with skin, hair, and nail problems. It can be cleansing agents, moisturizing agents, emollients, astringents, ointments, anti-fungal, and many more. Therefore, starting a business with the derma franchise can be a good venture.

#Hepatology range

The most eminent hepatologists of India have a belief that the future of the hepatology health industry is promising in this country. The gigantic advances in the handling of liver-associated problems.

Moreover, the global liver disease market is forecasted to accumulate around $19,536 million by 2022. The Indian market of this sector is also expected to experience a great surge in the future. So, if you have a good market around, choosing a hepatology range for franchise can give you profit.


The word is originated from two different terms; “nutrition” & “pharmaceuticals”. In today’s date, where everyone’s priority is to keep their health up-to-mark, the investment in nutraceuticals is surely a business of benefit. Because nutraceuticals are the major market that enriches people with nutrients that they are deprived of. As compared to past years, the demand for these supplements found to be rise by 20 percent.

The population living in urban areas of India has a deeper insight of 22.5% of nutraceutical products. Therefore, by selecting an adequate region and market, the chances of getting higher benefits from this investment are extremely high.

#Cardiac range

The demand for cardiovascular drug market in India is rising at a striking rate of 5.8%. In the growth of the Indian pharmaceutical industry, these products play a major role. The CAGR of this market also estimated to rise by 1.2% through 2020.

Therefore, starting a franchise career by investing in this pharmaceutical sector surely gives your business a great profit.

#Diabetic range

It is expected that the CAGR of diabetic medications between the years of 2016-2023 get an exposure of 6.5 percent.

India is counting among the most diabetes-affected countries. That is the reason, why the diabetic drug market is flourishing in India day by day. Therefore, as the cardiac drug market, the investment in the diabetic franchise market is also a business of profit.

#Orthocare range

This is one of the other medicine sectors, which can give your business a good run. There are about 39% and 61% of patients suffered from ortho-related problems in urban and rural areas, respectively. Many orthopedic patients went through treatments and surgeries every year. So, starting a franchise business with this can also a good deal.

#Gastroenterology range

Gastroenterology is a branch of internal medicine that deals with the problems of the GI tract, that is, the esophagus, small & large intestine, stomach, liver, and pancreas. The market of these products is also associated with great benefits due to rising awareness among people regarding their health, especially metabolic and digestive health.

The CAGR of the GI sector is likely to increase by 4.7 percent. The market is growing at its fastest pace and investing in this surely profit your business.

#Common cold drugs

This market has its own importance. With changing seasons and weathers, persons met with the problems of cold, flu, or cough. These medicines provide relief to the people from these common health problems. This is also can be a profitable deal.

These are the most-in-demand pharmaceutical product categories that you can think of and start with as all these categories have their own markets and provide profits accordingly. Further, to start with franchise business trustworthy, pharma franchise world is the best place to begin with.

Why pharma franchise world?

The pharma franchise world is one of the top leading pharma franchise company of India, which deals with more than 200 high-quality products of different range and categories. The company provides all the platforms to raise business and led your investments on the right path. Explore more about the pharma franchise and for any inquiries freely contact us.


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