Digiday Syrup

  • Digiday syrup is a key for healthy digestion, in the problem of Dyspepsia, Anorexia and impaired absorption.
  • It is a combination of natural pro digestive and proteolytic enzymes.
  • It also helps in the metabolism of carbohydrates, starch, fats, and proteins as well as reduces digestion disturbance and exhibits excellent digestion power.


  • Digiday syrup contains fungal diastase and papain; those are responsible for healthy digestion and improving absorption.
  • Papain is used as a digestive deputy and for treating parasitic worms and inflammation. Fungal diastase helps in digestion of carbohydrates and starch in the diet into simple polysaccharides.
  • Pepsin is a digestive Protease active at acidic pH, which degrades protein into peptides & amino acids.


nergy value……..30 Kcal
Carbohydrates……..7.5 gm
Sugar……..7.5 gm
Protein…….0.00 gm
Fat……..0.00 gm
Fungal Diastase (1:800)……..50 mg
Papain…….30 mg


Nutritional food supplement


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