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Promotional Inputs

pharma franchise promotional inputs

Pharma marketing Promotional Inputs are one of the most proven marketing strategies. Promotional products are often items that can easily be used repeatedly in every day use thus allowing for an increased chance of retention by the receiver of the item. We provide Pharma Promotional Items on cost to our franchisee associates so that they can enjoy a powerful brand and professional image and they need not go through the hassle of building their brand name from scratch.
Following promotional material is generally provided by pharma franchise companies to their franchisee or distributors for marketing and promotion. Companies can also provide material other than below:

  • Visual Aid
  • Working Bag
  • Product Cards/ Brochures
  • Reminder Cards
  • Catch Covers
  • Writing Pads
  • Dairies
  • Small Gift Articles
  • Visiting Cards etc.

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