Online Medicine Purchase in India – Pros and Cons

Online Medicine Purchase in India – Pros and Cons
by new_pharma

Given the busy lifestyle, Internet or online shopping is a favorable choice for many! It has become a convenient option for shopping as we get everything delivered at your door-step only with a single click. Along with other products, people are also going for online medicine shopping in India

Pros and Cons of Online Medicine Shopping in India!
As per a research by foreign brokerage, CLSA, “E-pharmacies are expected to grow seven times to $3.7 billion by CY22 as they focus to grab a large section of the highly fragmented Indian market”


What is online pharmacy?
Online pharmacy is the platform which enables direct selling of medicines, daily care products from the internet stores to consumers. These are the 24-hour operating online stores where a medicine is sold via e-mail or placing online order at any time.
E-Pharmacy cuts down the long chain of distributors and provides medicine to the end-user at a lesser price. One can receive a lot of para-pharmacy or over-the-counter (OTC) drugs at home without moving from the sofa as they do not require a prescription.

How to purchase medicines by online pharmacies?
First step is that you should always buy medicines prescribed by the physician, self medication can be even more fatal. After you get prescribed any particular medicine, make sure about the availability of the medicine with the online pharmacy, go through the catalogue.
Familiarize yourself with their collection, read the annotation, dosage, contra-indications, compare the drug with its correspondents, etc. To have a clear picture, follow the steps as:


People also ask, is buying medicines online beneficial?
Undoubtedly, the cheaper costs and comfort makes online medicine shopping even more favorable! Some other advantages are described below:

Benefits of buying medicines online:

Benefits of buying medicines online

  • Maintains the anonymity of the user and offers discrete services:

    Sometimes physically buying medicines can be embarrassing for some and discussing some treatment of intimate problems with the pharmacist is not always convenient. But, this awkwardness can be saved by ordering medicines online and avoiding such discomfort without prying eyes!
  • Medicines at cheaper and discounted prices:Medicines at cheaper and discounted prices
    Medicines are costly, but now you can avail the medicines at cut-rate prices. Many websites offer great discounts, seasonal sales and even cashback offer all year-round. Due to the ventures like pharma franchise and generic medicine sales, it is even more convenient to buy medicines. The cost-cutting factor is probably due to the fact that there is no money spent on renting premises, and maintaining a huge staff, including sellers, and thus unnecessary costs can be dodged.
  • Easily accessible and convenient:Easily accessible and convenient
    The product information is fairly more understandable and accessible online than in traditional pharmacies. There are no long queues to buy medicine but rather it is a hassle-free process.
    An online pharmacy is the best substitute since these pharmacies deliver products straight to your doorstep 24*7. There are online pharmacies where on-call doctors are available to diagnose your medical history and help in checking your medicine order even if you don’t have a prescription.
  • Offers an extensive range of medicines:online shopRanging from cosmetics to hygiene products, you can also pick from a wide choice of drugs i.e. both brand and generic names. Moreover, before purchasing the product from the website, you can take the time you need to study all the related details, usage instructions, description, product composition and side effects, without any haste and fuss.
  • Easier to compare prices while toggling between different online pharmacies:Easier to compare prices while toggling between different online pharmaciesYou can easily compare the prices for different medicines just by switching tabs to visit site to site. To have an idea of the best buy, average price, it is always a good practice to check 2-3 sites for the prices.
  • Pick from different payment options:Pick from different payment optionsSeveral payment options are available, which allows the consumer to pay for their drugs easily, for example, cash on delivery (COD), credit or debit card, or other online payment modes. The traditional brick and mortar pharmacies don’t have such suitable payment options.While there are many advantages of buying medicines online, the disadvantages for the same cannot be ignored. Rather than providing the precise treatment drugs, illegal or fake online pharmacies can cause side-effects or may give way to new health problems.

One of the most frequently question is what are the pros and cons of online pharmacies? Is it safe?

The internet pharmacy market is ever expanding and online medicine shopping is also increasing. There are quite a few patient safety risks connected to the online purchase of medicines outside the traditional supply chain, including counterfeit medications.

Dangers and the risks of buying medicines online:


  • Illegal or unethical online pharmacies with fake medicines:

    The internet is bombarded with fake pharmacies. The chances of purchasing from rogue websites or pharmacies are quite high. Also, many online pharmacies are unregistered, so purchasing from them is possibly unsafe as the medicines sold on the website might be diluted, out-of-date, or of sub-standard quality.

As per a research study, “the proportion of counterfeit medicine is predicted to be 10% worldwide varying from less than 1% in developed countries to over 30% in developing countries like Africa, India, and Latin America

  • Think before you self-medicate:

    If people diagnose their own condition and then get any prescription medication online without a prescription; the website supplying this medication is acting illicitly.Also, by practising self-medication, you can cause irrevocable damage to your health, particularly when it comes to potent drugs. Misuse or abuse of any drug can be habitual or have serious implications on human health, not just for the one person consuming it but for people at large.The solution for prescription-only medicines is that an online pharmacy must receive a legally valid prescription before providing the medication. This means you’ll either need a paper prescription or an electronic prescription from your GP or another healthcare professional.

Things to consider before going for online medicine shopping:

  • Check the official domain name: Pharmacies with the domain .pharmacy have been assessed by regulators.
  • Check the license: The genuine online pharmacy has their license displayed on the website. When you go through their website, it is there on their homepage. Keep an eye for it to test their authenticity!
  • Make sure they necessitate prescription: You should never be able to buy a prescription drug without a prescription.
  • Check their contact information: If they have nothing to hide, they will clearly mention their contact information.
    Check for the physical address for the online drugstore. If it doesn’t match the provided address or if the address doesn’t exist, you need to step back from buying medicines from there.
  • Do not be tempted by “spam” emails promoting medication at cheap prices. Be wary of these kinds of false promises.
  • Check for any complaints lodged against a specific online pharmacy. If you find any negative references or warning, you should avoid buying medicines from that pharmacy.

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