Sulfonylureas Drugs: Excellent Pharma Franchise Opportunity

Sulfonylureas Drugs: Excellent Pharma Franchise Opportunity
by new_pharma

Diabetes is one of those health issues, which have been growing worldwide at a fast rate. Therefore, the demand for diabetic drugs is also increasing day by day. The diabetic medications are in increasing demand in India. The medications used for treating its symptoms include a wide range.

Thus, you get PCD pharma franchise opportunities in India with anti-diabetic medications. If you want to make profits in less time then PCD pharma franchise business in India in anti-diabetic medicines especially sulfonylureas drugs will be an excellent option for you. Sulfonylureas are among the commonly used anti-diabetic drugs.

In this article we will discuss

· What are sulfonylureas drugs?
· How do sulfonylureas work?
· For whom sulphonylureas are suitable for?
· Benefits of sulfonylureas drugs
· Precautions to be taken with the use of sulfonylureas drugs
· Sulfonylureas and Alcohol
· Sulfonylureas and Pregnancy
· Why start a business in diabetic drug market?
· Conclusion

What are sulfonylureas drugs?

Sulphonylureas are a class of medicines, which regulate the levels of blood sugar in patients suffering from type 2 diabetes by promoting the insulin production in the pancreas and enhancing the efficiency of insulin in the body.

They are usually administered one or a few times daily with meals or just before a meal. It is administered by patients on their own or prescribed for taking along with other diabetes medications like metformin.

This class includes following range of drugs:

  1. Glimepiride
  2. Gilbenclamide
  3. Gilclazide
  4. Glipizide
  5. Tolbutamide

How do sulfonylureas work?

Sulfonylureas lower the levels of blood glucose by promoting the liberation of insulin from the Beta cells of the pancreas. They trigger the release of insulin by inhibiting the ATP sensitive potassium channels in the Beta cells and decreasing the potassium permeability. This results in depolarization of the cell and enhances the calcium entry, leading to increased insulin secretion.

For whom sulphonylureas are suitable for?

Sulphonylureas are suitable for type 2 diabetes patients with blood glucose levels, which are more than the recommended levels.
They are not suitable for the patients having considerably decreased ability to form insulin, like the people with type 1 diabetes or people who had a pancreatectomy.

Benefits of sulfonylureas drugs

Sulfonylureas drugs provide their major benefit by increasing insulin secretion and thus assisting to decrease the levels of blood glucose.

Precautions to be taken with the use of sulfonylureas drugs

Sulfonylureas should not be administered by the type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis patients.

Individual suffering from kidney or liver problems might not be able to take sulfonylureas. Consult your physician before taking these medicines.

Certain sulfonylureas drugs may make skin more sensitive to sunlight. Therefore, avoid excessive exposure to the sun. Try to wear sunscreen and protective clothing while going out.

Inform your doctor if you are taking a sulfonylurea before undergoing any medical procedure, such as dental procedure.

Inform your physician regarding all prescription, non-prescription, herbal, illegal, nutritional, dietary or recreational drugs, which you are taking before beginning the use of sulfonylurea.

Sulfonylureas and Alcohol

Alcohol consumption may worsen some of the side effects of sulfonylureas. Therefore, limit the alcohol drinking while taking these medications.

Sulfonylureas and Pregnancy

Tell your physician if you’re pregnant or trying to conceive before taking a sulfonylurea drug.

Also inform your doctor before taking these medicines if you are breastfeeding.

Why start a business in diabetic drug market?

India is known as the diabetic capital of the world. The diabetes patients are increasing every year. Therefore, there is good demand of anti-diabetic medicines in the market. People are becoming aware about their health and are willing to invest on high quality medications.


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