9 ways to attract PCD pharma franchise distributors

9 ways to attract PCD pharma franchise distributors
by new_pharma

India is having immense potential for the growth of pharma companies as it is a vast market, which demands numerous medical services. The pharma PCD distributors are performing a significant role in this wholesome growth. They are the new drivers of marketing and sales. They are responsible for moving the products of companies and connecting their clients.

Therefore, in the present scenario, almost all the PCD pharma franchise companies in India are finding the practical techniques to have more and more distributors to enhance their profit. There is a vital connection between PCD Pharma Franchise Company and its distributors. With the assistance of distributors, pharma companies are able to sell their products across the country.

Many pharmaceutical companies are profitably running their business through the right distribution channel. They are able to gain profit and spread their business across the country. The pharma distributors assist them in enhancing sales in a short time.However, it is hard to convince the distributors to opt for your company over the other numerous choices.

So let’s discuss some of the effective ways to attract PCD pharma franchise distributors that are practical and easy:

  1. Strengthen the Medical Representative team
  2. Employ social media
  3. Blogging
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Promotional Activities
  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  7. Pay per click
  8. Door to door marketing
  9. Improve your customer support services

Strengthen the Medical Representative team:

MR plays a great role in attracting clients. They have a decisive role in creating a brand image. They are the ones who create awareness about the company and the specialities of their medicinal products which help to get the products recommended by the medical practitioners. Skilled medical representatives can create direct contact with distributors.

Therefore, it is essential to support medical representatives. The medical representatives require various promotional aids such as Prescription Pads, LBLs and New Year Gifts to get the products recommended.

Employ social media:

Nowadays, social media is acting as the most influential means to promote the business. You can use many platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to reach your targets. By this technique, you can attract distributors who otherwise do not have exposure to your company.

Benefits of advertising on social media:

  • Millions of people are active on social media
  • All type of audience is available
  • You get hassle-free promotion
  • You can target the specific people who are really concerned in your services
  • It is cheaper than the traditional ways
  • You can create brand awareness
  • You can post informational videos and stories


Blogging is an economical way to promote your company. You can use it as a technique to get a response from PCD pharma franchise distributors. It offers the required information to the customers, which helps to build the trust of customers towards your company. You can write blogs on services and products provided by you to encourage the audience to contact you.

Email Marketing:

It can be done twice a week; it is not recommended to be done on a daily basis. It is an effective technique to reach the target directly. You can use different ways to attract them, such as providing discounts and offers.

Promotional Activities:

You can organize activities such as free health check-up camps to create awareness about your company. During these activities, you can also provide samples of your products.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Website is crucial for uplifting the brand value. These days, the audience prefers to check the website before making contact with the company. If your website is well ranked on the internet, then they will surely contact you. For better visibility, you need to optimize your website. This can be done by appointing a digital marketing team.

Pay per click:

For the online portal advertisement you can go for pay per click option. It will help to get fast results.

Improve your customer support services:

A team of customer support services can help to resolve the queries of companies. This will help to enhance the audience response.

Door to door marketing:

In this technique, the company sends its representatives to the interested parties or distributors. This technique helps to erase all the queries of a future customer.

The ideal distribution system is valuable in the pharma franchise business. It has a significant function in the development of pharma distributors, wholesalers and retailers. Therefore, to achieve your goals, you need to take the right steps to attract distributors.

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