What is the difference between PCD Pharma Franchise and Pharma Franchise?

What is the difference between PCD Pharma Franchise and Pharma Franchise?
by new_pharma

PCD means Propaganda Cum Distributor. This is marketing terminology in the pharma industry. Pharma franchise business gives plenty of opportunities with growth ambition for both pharma companies and distributors. Business franchise is defined as legal right given to a company. The right is given to a company to increase sales of the products in a fixed area.

The PCD business format is comparatively new to the industry. But it is becoming one of the best flourishing businesses globally. The PCD Business is alike to Pharma franchise. The key difference between them is the overall size of the business. Pharma franchise deals with larger units and has large investments, targets and bigger area of operations. On the other hand, PCD works on small units with lesser areas, no targets and smaller investments.

PCD Pharma Franchise(Propaganda Cum Distribution) or Pharma Franchise are co-related words. There is no such difference on the actual workings of both the business models. They both work in the same manner with slight differences, mentioned below:

Investment requirements:

The investment required in a Pharma Franchise is bigger in comparison to PCD franchise.


If a person has good experience of at least 2 to 4 years at a good post at the manager level, then he is eligible for pharma franchise. Whereas PCD business can be applied by anyone even those without experience.

Sales target:

PCD franchise offers freedom of work like a boss. There as such no target in sales. Pharma franchise has a minimum sales target to achieve.

Promotional support:

Pharma Companies do not give good support to PCD member like to pharma franchise. This has been a major difference for many investors of PCD business. The pharma franchise members are kept with all the promises of promotional inputs like reminder cards, ADI, calendars, pens, diaries etc.

Allotment of area:

Considering the sizes of business, the Pharma franchise members are given a wide area under control. A Pharma franchise can take control over many PCD businesses falling under its control. On the other hand, PCD businesses are zoned to a small area for operation.

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